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Jordan Carver Holds Herself So You Don't Have to in Black Lingerie Visual Treat

Editors note: some or all of the images in this post have been removed at request of JCM.

Well, we know Jordan Carver does not like revealing herself fully, but we do know she likes to tease the heck out of the males of the species with her enormous globes, some very sexy outfits, a striptease down to the hand-bra, and a whole lot of skin. I know there comes a point at which we must demand to see it all, in fact, my 837 IMs to Jordan with nothing but the words, 'Show Us Your Boobies' ought to testify to my own desire on that front, and I suspect, at some point, this will happen. But, for the moment, I have to consider the wishes of the lady to bare almost all, but not all of her bodacious form as in this black lingerie masterpiece from Jordan's own collection.

It is possible she just really really loves to hold her own thunderous flesh puppies. I know I would. I really wood, err, would. Enjoy.

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