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Jennifer Love Hewitt Flashes Her Leer-Worthy Legs in Blue Miniskirt (Who Ever Looked Below Her Waist?)

Okay, let's be very clear about this, women are not pieces of meat for men to ogle, gawk, and leer at like trophy kills mounted to the wall in some old-school hunting lodge. But, if they were, hypothetically speaking, of course, then Jennifer Love Hewittwould be the trophy with the rack you simply couldn't take your eyes off of. For a decade or more we've been optic-locked on her glorious globes of goodness, flashed deep cleavage style a thousand times or more in public or in her movies and on television. Who even knew she had legs?

Well, there goes the flaw in our folly, for Jennifer flashed a remarkably sexy pair of gams beneath a short blue miniskirt in New York City, like some kind of wake-up call to her adoring peeping fans that she is more than just sweet hot chest puppies, she is a woman of many hot parts, including those bare and apparent with the aid of her short skirt. We all have lessons to learn as gentleman oglers; thankfully, this is the most fun way to learn. Enjoy.

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