Is Prince Harry Getting Into Mollie King's Knickers?

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Okay, here's how you know somebody important is banging somebody else important. They both deny it and insist they're just friends.

As is the case with Prince Harry, who has to bless his lucky royal stars each morning that he was born with the name that would get him huge amounts of super hot celebrity tail, including the latest rumor of The Saturday's pop starlet, Mollie King, a hottie and a half.

Now, I'm sure there are those sympathetic to the lonely and secluded lives and destinies of the royals, of the tremendous cross they bear being born into public service and living in the public eye, but the minute they start getting to knock the stuffing out of lingerie models, hot waitresses, and sweet blond pop stars, meh, all my sympathy goes out the window. Along with Harry's latest conquest, no doubt. Lucky bastard. Enjoy.

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