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Is It Fair To Have to Do Business With Jessica Alba?

The uber-sextastic Jessica Alba, who we should note we almost never see with her husband these days (could it be time for Ego to step in soon?) is always running about town now conducting her business, which as far as well can tell, outside of her modeling work, involves her organic type healthy baby products shizz she's pushing to every maternal nook and credit-card wielding cranny. She's become something of a very prodigious businesswoman.

Seeing Jessica running to yet another meeting in her tight red dress made me imagine if it would even be fair to do business with the supremely hot MILF. Could you actually say no to an offer, hardball her in the room (okay, all puns aside regarding hard balls), make her bend to your business demands, or would you, like likely me, concede to every point she seeks simply because she's smiling at you, let alone how weak in the business knees you'd become if she leaned in to you and said 'Puh-lease'. Yep, it would not be fair at all. Enjoy.

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