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How to Get Revenge in a Soccer Game (VIDEO)

International soccer games are something else. The passion that fans have for the sport, regardless of the level of competition, is admirable to say the least. You have to love a sport where the fans can take a game hostage because their team sucks and the fans don't think the team deserves to wear the jersey anymore (and the players took them off). American sports fans could learn a thing or two...

The players are something else too. The celebrations are always entertaining, but what I like best is how they exact revenge when they've been done wrong.

In Turkey, Emre Belozoglu  had been handed a two-game suspension after using a racial slur in regards to Didier Zokora (who is from the Ivory Coast). When the two played against each other in a recent game Zokora decided that Belozoglu needed something besides a simple two game suspension.

What I love most is that as soon as he tried to score a goal using Emre's "soccer balls" he turn as if to say,"Yes, yes, I know. Yellow card. I deserve it."

And I'd do it again.

Article by Travis Pulver

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