Gwen Stefani Continues Her Transformation Back Into Rocker Chick Mode

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White wife beater. Showing off the black mesh bra. Tight red pants. Yep, Gwen Stefani is moving closer and closer back into sweet hot sextastic rocker chick mode. She's casting aside the diapers and slapping on the G-string for what ought to be an upcoming twelve months cycle of album release and promotional appearance tour that sees Gwen bouncing, crotch-grabbing, and twisting her body delightfully on stage once more.

Now, paying the lady down the block to pretend to be my third  grade teacher Ms. Bullware and spanking me for talking out in class, that's the wrong kind of living in the past, but imagining Gwen back on stage in little sexy outfits and limber moves, is there anything really wrong with that?

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