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Dwayne Wade Shows Why the Miami Heat are Going Down in Flames (VIDEO)

It could very well still happen for the Miami Heat this post season. It would not be unusual for a team to overcome a 2-1 deficit in a best of seven series. If any team should be capable of that it is the Miami Heat; that is, if they can figure out how to act like a team in time.

Things were expected to get a little tough for the Heat when they lost Chris Bosh, but the team has absolutely floundered in the two games since losing him. Part of the credit has to go to the Indiana Pacers for playing a better game to win Game Two 78-75 and Game Three 94-75.

When it comes to the Heat they have forgotten how to play like a team. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade almost did all the scoring in Game Two; in Game Three it was mostly James and Mario Chalmers. It definitely is not a good sign when one of the star players starts yelling at the coach like D-Wade does in this video.

Article by Travis Pulver

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