Dominique Storelli Bikini Pictures Takes You From Hometown Hottie to Vegas Pimpstress

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You may recall that Dominique Storelli was the most recent winner of Maxim magazine's Hometown Hotties contest, and while our friends at Maxim may be righting their ship through some patchy waters, they've rightfully seen fit to launch a series of sponsored events at Tao Beach Club in Sin City and to kick off these hotties in the desert events with Dominique leading the charge.

Just by examining Dominique in her skimpy little bikini she seems to have the basic foundations to support a launch of something or another, whether it be a sponsored party in Vegas, or just welling up feelings inside of me I haven't felt since word got out in middle school that Cindy Bukowski was now officially wearing a grown up bra. Ah, lust, it comes in many shapes and sizes. Enjoy.

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