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D-Wade Channels his Inner Football Player (VIDEO)

There was talk about LeBron James possibly playing football once—why not Dwyane Wade? After the hit he put on Darren Collison of the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals he might have a future there!

Of course in the game of basketball you can't body check someone like that without getting hit with a flagrant foul (which D-Wade did).

It's clear that Wade was feeling a bit frustrated. The question now is whether it was because he thought he was fouled a minute ago and was mad he didn't get the call or because the team did not look very good en route to a 78-75 loss to the Pacers.

Perhaps in Game Three Wade and LeBron will let the other guys on the team play some (Wade and LeBron scored 52 of the team's 75 points; no other player scored more than five).

Article by Travis Pulver

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