Courtney Stodden Bubble Bath Pictures Inch Us Ever Closer to Courtney's Career Goal

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And I don't mean the career goals where Courtney Stodden gets discovered for her amazing vocal talents, on-camera skills, and natural beauty. I mean going the Octomom route where her husband/grandpa tells her she's now 18 (come August) and the rent money is due and the Bang Bros. are in a van outside with a paycheck for a three hour filmed tour.

Shot in a bathtub without much makeup, Courtney Stodden has about three months left to live out her Lolita comes to Hollywood dreams before the cold hard reality hits and the bubbles start popping. And, as your faithful reporters, we'll be right there covering every angle of her blossoming future career path.

Ah, youth, it truly is wasted on the young.

For the complete set of 20 photos of Courtney Stodden seemingly unclothed in the tub check out our friends at Celebuzz

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