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Conor Daly Walks Away From Incredible Crash (VIDEO)

There can be worse things that a 20-year old can be doing than travelling to exotic locales like Moraco and driving a race car at incredibly high speeds through the streets as part of a GP3 race. Yes, the job can be a little dangerous, but that's what makes it fun, right?

Conor Daly is trying to make his name in the GP3 series, a level of grand prix racing that is equivalent to say Double A in baseball. After debuting in 2011, he won his first race of the 2012 season. He was not so lucky in the second one held in Monaco over the weekend though.

When he tried to pass Dmitry Suranovic during the race it appeared as if contact was made and a piece of someone's car fell off. On the last attempted pass Suranovic clipped Daly's car and it got air born. Amazingly, when all was said and done, the car was trashed, but Daly walked away without a scratch.

Article by Travis Pulver

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