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Chloe Moretz Continues to Stake Her Claim as Hollywood Ingenue at 'Dark Shadows' Premiere

There's really no doubt about it; Chloe Moretz is going to be a big effin' star someday very soon. She's got the looks of  young Lindsay Lohan, but without all the familial baggage. She's got the innocence of the Fanning girls, but without all that hippy dippy earthy granola crap that makes you wonder how long until the drop out to join a macro-biotic farming cooperative in Peru. And she's got the confidence and chops of a young Anna Paquin. I'm predicting amazing things for Chloe Moretz. And in but a few years hence, some amazing shots on this very site.

But, for now, we can wistfully join in a collective 'aww, ain't she a sweetie' about Chloe who got a vast amount of paparazzi attention on the red carpet for the recent L.A. premiere of Dark Shadows. Now, the professional paparazzi know what we know and that is that this highly photogenic teen is destined for the big time and everybody wants an early version photo collection. Enjoy.

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