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Bar Refaeli Sells Underwear By Getting Nekkid in Under.Me Film Promo (VIDEO)

Oh, Bar! 

Bar Refaeli, the steamy sexy Israeli supermodel is back pimping her signature underwear line, the appropriately named Under.Me underthings apparel line, and she's doing so by showing you just how amazing panties and undershirt can look on a crazy hot woman. And also how nice they can look off of a crazy hot woman.

Personally, I'm sold. But you know my women's underwear collection exceeds in supply the entire collective lingerie drawers of whole nations of the fairer sex. I'm an easy consumer. And when I see the likes of Bar Refaeli in her bedroom bathroom ridiculously hot and barely clothed, I get weak in more than my knees. You too I bet. Enjoy.

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