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Ashley Olsen Bikini Pictures Are Unexpectedly Pretty Hot

Why unexpectedly? Well, for one, we never really see the Olsen twins out and about much anymore, let alone not wearing eighteen layers of fur like a conquering Nordic king addressing his minions, plus all those rumors of near-death anorexia and such, well, you just don't expect to find a solo Olsen twin, in this case Ashley Olsen, frolicking about the beach in Hawaii in a skimpy little bikini.

You don't expect to see it, but you can rejoice when you do. Feel free to show your emotions as you take a quick peek at the frontside and dumpside body of the former Full House baby-star turned billionaire pimpstress of tween girl products. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. If she were a girl swimming in college debt, I might think twice, but as a rich semi-literate dizygotic twin, I'd be sunscreening her til the cows come home. Enjoy.

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