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Alyssa Campanella Ends Her Reign as Miss USA With A Shot Down Her Top

Wow, it seems like Alyssa Campanella just took over as Miss USA, but, already twelve months have passed and it's time to give up the title and the crown. But what a reign she had, who can forget that time she... or the moment she...., well, what about her promise of world....? Okay, so I can't remember crap about anything she's done since she won the title last year . And, up until yesterday's Miss USA promo party where Alyssa gave viewers a nice shot of her dangling boobtastic down her top, well, I had completely forgotten about her.

But, as they say in showbiz, make a grand entrance, have a big exit and most people will forget what came in between. Well, done Alyssa. Enjoy.

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