Alyssa Campanella Ends Her Reign as Miss USA With A Shot Down Her Top

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Wow, it seems like Alyssa Campanella just took over as Miss USA, but, already twelve months have passed and it's time to give up the title and the crown. But what a reign she had, who can forget that time she... or the moment she...., well, what about her promise of world....? Okay, so I can't remember crap about anything she's done since she won the title last year . And, up until yesterday's Miss USA promo party where Alyssa gave viewers a nice shot of her dangling boobtastic down her top, well, I had completely forgotten about her.

But, as they say in showbiz, make a grand entrance, have a big exit and most people will forget what came in between. Well, done Alyssa. Enjoy.

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