Adrianne Palicki Red Hot and Blue Bikini Pictures for Maxim Magazine Pictorial

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Well, we saw a whole lotta Minka Kellycleave today, so why not her Friday Night Lights bitchy blonde high school rival, Adrianne Palicki, the short time Wonder Woman, but always wonderfully hot looking statuesque actress who gets all steamy and sextastic in a bikini for this month's Maxim magazine.

I never quite understood the concept of a 'body that doesn't quit' until I started seeing more bodies and booties and front side buxom madness from the likes of Adrianne Palicki, then I realized it's not the body that doesn't quit, it's us oglers who can't quit looking at the body. Like Sir Edmund Hillary staring at Everest and knowing he just had to climb and make it his bitch. Oh, how I'd love a team of sherpas to guide me up Adrianne Palicki's long lean hot body, at which point, I would make the sherpas leave the room. Egotastic! works his magic in private. Enjoy.

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