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Who Looks More High on the Red Carpet? Lindsay Lohan or Mischa Barton?

Okay, just so we don't get sued for a bazillion dollars, let me say, despite photographic and/or legal evidence of both of these celebrities past drug use, we have no idea if they were toking, blazing, popping, snorting, chugging, or otherwise imbibing any non-legal toxicants last night before hitting their respect red carpet events.

Still, just check out those eyes on newly un-probated Lindsay Lohan at the Star Magazine 'All-Hollywood' event last night in Tinsel Town...

...and, across town, Mischa Barton on the scarlet carpet for BritWeek...

both of these 20-something Valley of the Dolls like ladies looking just a tad bit stonier for the wear. I'm getting a contact high just looking at their photos. Enjoy.

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