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Vince Carter With the Rare Finger Roll Airball (VIDEO)

Remember when Vince Carter was 'Half-Man, Half-Amazing?' Carter is a former NBA dunk contest champion, a guy who would routinely get people to jump out of their seats with incredible feats of air artistry. When he played in Toronto, they called Vince 'Air Canada.' That screengrab up there would lead you to believe it was time for another signature dunk.

Last night was not one of those times. In a win over Sacramento, Carter found himself with a clear lane to the rim. You can even hear the crowd gasp, knowing that Carter could unleash his fury on the rim. It didn't quite turn out that way, as 35-year-old Vince took off from the dotted line, and came up just a bit short. Knowing this, Vince tried the old George Gervin finger roll, only he flipped the ball straight up for the rare one inch away from the rim airball. At least Carter was able to laugh it off.

Article by Eric Gray

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