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Stephanie Pratt Red Bikini Pictures for Another Hawaiian Island Visual Vacation

We haven't seen or hear much from former Hills star Stephanie Pratt in the past few years, I suppose this is a good thing (not hearing from her brother Spencer for a long time now is an even greater thing). However, when any celeb shows up in a skimpy red bikini, well, it's time to take another gander. An ogle afresh, you might say.

And for all the Pratt family fall from fame and fortune, Stephanie does look pretty good here. She's managed to stay away from much of the knife work that disfigured her sister-in-law, Heidi Montag, looks like she's actually eating real human food, and just all around looks kind of healthy. Amazing. The skin tone is another matter, but a week in Hawaii ought to help that. So, Stephanie, we give you a solid 'welcome back' for your Hawaiian bikini show. You're alright by us, sister. Enjoy.

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