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Sofia Vergara Puts On Her Own Curvy-Hotness Show in Manhattan

We really have to think about extending our stay here in New York this week, what with all the talent walking the streets (and walking their little teeny tiny dogs) in this fair burgh, not the least of which is Sofia Vergara, who floats our boat in so many different waves, perhaps because her own bodily curves so mimic the oceanic shapes that have seamen thinking about their womenfolk left back on dry land.

Just catching Sofia Vergara strutting about Manhattan in her white top and jeans was enough for us to start penning a musical about sextastic celebrities exhibiting their hot bodies in the spring time weather in the Big Apple. Admittedly, like most playwrights, this project will take us ten years to accomplish, and we'll need a lot of the drink, but we've already got the thick black faux glasses on and the first line of the opening number, 'Oh, Sofia, how we'd like to snarfle your undergarments...'

Okay, so it's a work in progress. Enjoy.

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