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Sara Jean Underwood Classic Bedroom Sizzles for American Icon (VIDEO)

(Thanks to EgoReader 'Thomas J.' for helping feed our fix for moreSara Jean Underwoodin her underwear this week.)

When it rains, it pours, and this week it is most definitely pouring Sara Jean Underwood hotness. We're still recovering from an extended look at Sara Jean in her Me in My Place sextacular boudoir tease pictorial, and now we get a chance to reach back in the Way Back machine, well, just a couple years, to see the minxy fox getting all kinds of bedroom saucy for a photoshoot for American Icon. It is ever so wicked hot.

Is it possible to overdose on Sara Jean Underwood hotness? We'll let you know in a couple hours. Please, don't knock. Enjoy.

P.S. Check out the video then work your way through 40 of these utterly hot photos from the shoot. Make a day of it, treat yourself to some wine, some romantic music, and your finest carpal tunnel syndom wrist support.

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