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Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures For More Wicked Hot Moms Over 50 Week

I'm still not quite recovered from ogling Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley yesterday, when along comes more bodacious bikini pictures of 51-year old Rita Rusic, flashing her hot veteran mom body on Miami beach once more.

It's not just that these ridiculously hot older women are flashing bodies that are absolutely killing boys half their age, it's just that... no wait, that's exactly it.  If I could do the math, I could figure out how many times my own age goes into Rita Rusic's, but my age is not really what I'm thinking about putting into her at the moment (and, yes, that means exactly what it sounds like).

I think something bad happens to the time space continuum when older women remain this incredibly hot, something bad, but also something very very good. Enjoy.

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