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Rihanna Takes the Stage at Coachella Because She So Indie

There is ever so much wrong with the Coachella Music Festival, and we'll get into that throughout the day today, but what was so right (even in its wrongness) was Rihanna performing at the festival formerly about the indie music, but looking ever so hot on stage.

I guess you could say there's never the wrong time for Rihanna to be showing up in tight jean shorts and a bare midriff tee looking all kinds of sexy, sometimes I wish that would happen at my neighbor Carl Pintaroni's Pictionary tournaments I keep getting roped into, those evenings sure could use a little Bajan sultry diva skin show. But, alas, to see Rihanna this past weekend, you had to shell out beaucoup cash and drive out to the wet desert. Nuh-uh.

Still, we'll always have our gratis ogles. Enjoy.

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