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Rihanna Bikini Pictures for the Aloha Hotness Experience

Nobody, but nobody, produces more quality hot body shots, bikini and otherwise, than Rihanna. I don't care to hear any criticisms for this Bajan diva with the killer hot body who shows it off 300+ days a year in a bikini or revealing wardrobe or malfunctioning wardrobe, or just plain topless pretty much all the time. Rihanna sets the bar for how we wish all of our sextastic celebrities would behave in public, not to mention private cell phone picture distribution.

Back in Hawaii for some R&R, Rihanna flashed her wicked body in another little bikini with some tassels, just to remind us gentleman oglers where to focus our optical devices. Of course, tassels couldn't keep up from that view of her sweet bikini clad badonkadonk. So utterly delicious all over. Enjoy.

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