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Playoff Game Ends With a Bang for One Boston Bruin (VIDEO)

When it comes to hockey, one of the things that people tune in for is the hitting. People want to see the fights. They want to see someone getting laid out on the ice. When someone gets plastered into the glass the crowd tends to go nuts.

But what about the glass? The glass was just minding its own business. It didn't hit anyone. It didn't score the winning goal, knock any teeth out, or call anyone names. All it does is sit in the frame around the ice getting pounded on by fans and players alike.

Well, in Thursday night's playoff game between the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals at TD Garden the glass struck back.

Even if you aren't a hockey fan you have to watch this video. After getting beaten on for a full game and part of an overtime period the glass decided it had enough and struck back at Bruins center David Krejci. The glass won the fight with Krejci, but the Bruins won over the Capitals, 1-0.

Article by Travis Pulver

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