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Nicollette Sheridan Bikini Pictures Holding Up Her End of the Veteran Sextastic Bargain

I'm actually not sure whatever became of the lawsuit between Nicollette Sheridan and the producers at Desperate Housewives, who apparently 'killed' her because they just got into some kind of pissing match and somebody bitch slapped somebody else so somebody had to go and... oh, life on Wisteria Lane (a friend gave me that reference, I swear I don't watch the show, honest).

But what I do watch very closely, and have for many years now, is Nicollette Sheridan, the veteran blonde bombshell still holding her own at 48, as captured in these candid bikini pictures from her recent trip to St. Barts. The words 'damn yummy' still come very much to mind for this woman who twenty-five years ago made The Sure Thing into a sure thing.

I'd take a bitch slap or too with a smile from this veteran hottie. Enjoy.

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