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Morena Baccarin and Leslie Bibb Covered Nekkid Additions to the Allure Magazine May Pictorial

Talk about asstastic! One of our hidden gem thespianics, Leslie Bibb, flashes her barest of bottoms for the covered nekkid pictorial in the May edition of Allure magazine, and what a butt it is. I could eat pancakes off that bottom for the rest of my days and never once ask for syrup. Just a delightful wonderment of backside goodness. Joining Leslie Bibb in a covered nekkid display is cable TV hottie Morena Baccarin, who uses arms and elbows to deprive of the best views, but still provides a solid bit of the sextastic. 

These types of photos are a mixed blessing, while they are truly a torturous tease, who's going to complain about that amazing bare butt? I mean, I can't even begin to complain until I can get my jaw back into place. So dropped. Enjoy.

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