Miranda Kerr Flashes Bra, Cleavage, and Stretch Pantstastic Before Working Out in Beverly Hills

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Miranda Kerr could wear three winter sweaters over a burqa and we'd still have a premature party in our pants upon seeing her hotness; so when she appears all cleavetastic and stretch pantsy after a workout, oh, man, time to lay down the rubber sheets.

Miranda Kerr and her foppish husband (intentionally omitted, oh, but that we could do that for real) hit the gym in 90210-land and, well, blessed be red bra peeks barely containing MILF mammaries and double blessed be the omnipresent use of stretch pants by women with hot bodies. It's like being nekkid, but without being arrested. The women in the stretch pants I mean, for surely we would be arrested if they could read our minds. Thank you, Miranda. Enjoy.

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