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Maria Menounos Bare Midriff Madness on the Set of 'Extra'

The uber-sextastic Maria Menounos is like the hottie gift that keeps on giving. It seems like she's on a regular schedule now of delivering various and ridiculously hot views of her varying and perfect body parts, including just today, a view of her bare tummy in her dancer workout gear that might just leave you speechless and in need of a mop. It's like getting to see the very best parts of Dancing With the Stars and still keeping your integrity, the perfect solution.

But, wait, there's more. Because you don't just get a killer Menounos body without the right inputs, including a protein smoothie (pun intended) that Maria drank on set in such a manner as to produce a delightful tingle in the happy place of every man and boy within thirty nautical miles of her display.

This is all kinds of extremely not fair at all. But not fair in a really good way. Maria Menounos can do no wrong. Enjoy.

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