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Lindsay Lohan Is Black and White and Freckly Hot All Over for Official Men

Out of the morgue and onto her back, Lindsay Lohan lights up L'Officiel Hommes magazine in France with this rather stunning solo shot of her buxom, freckled body in naught but panties and a bra laying across a bed. Yep, just looked again, it is a stunner.

Through all her ups and downs, and, let's be honest, the last half-dozen years have mostly been downs, the Allspark of Lindsay hotness abides. It's still there, down deep somewhere beneath the China White and the doughnuts and the choco-tinis. beyond the effed up parents and the messed up friends, down there, somewhere, lies the tools of a former sextastic celebrity. And in this photo, much of that is now apparent once more. Enjoy.

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