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Kim Kardashian Leaving Kanye West's Crib After Overnight Date (Yep, They're Balling)

Wow, where to begin?

Kim Kardashian is now dating Kanye West, or, at least, getting her neck sucked on by Kanye West after an evening date that ended with Kim going back to Kanye's pad and coming out the next morning wearing the same clothes as the night before. You may recall last year, before the sham marriage for cash to Kris Humphries, that Amber Rose, the then long time Kanye West girlfriend, complained that Kim was sending raunchy texts to her man and creating all kinds of 'bitch, step back off my man' kind of problems. Kim and Kanye completely denied that was going on. And, now, they're banging. So, go figure.

To be fair to Kim Kardashian, she's not just another woman with tremendous daddy issues, she's also a mega-corporation. And like any major company looking to grow, she can only merge with even bigger companies. Which for Kim means she can only bump uglies with super wealthy men, either star professional athletes or multi-platinum rappers, so she's already cut her mating pool down to about 100 dudes in the entire world. And, at her current pace, Kim should be through all 100 by her 33rd birthday. Enjoy.

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