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Kate Upton Helps Celebrate NFL Draft Day With Her Twin Hot Combines

Nothing goes better with sports than hot girls. It's a scientific fact proven right here in the Egotastic! laboratories buried deep beneath Wilmer Valderrama's surprisingly small Hollywood ground floor apartment. Dudes love hot girls mixed into their sports soup.

So it was no stretch for Axe, the stanky body spray people, to utilize the ungodly talents of blonde sextastic Kate Upton to bring attention to their pre-NFL Draft Combine Event in the Big Apple. I'm not even sure what they're selling exactly, other than the notion that if you sweet stank big enough, you too can get laid like an NFL baller, which I'm not sure is actually scientifically proven, but if Kate Upton says it's true, I'm out at CVS buying up cases of Axe within the hour.

The good news being that in the event of an apocalypse and or zombie invasion, the body spray can double for kerosene in a jerry-rigged flame throwing device. Enjoy.

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