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Jordan Carver Boobtastic Trophy Wife Swimsuit Hotness

Editors note: some or all of the images in this post have been removed at request of JCM.

When I was a kid growing up, we boys used to sneak around to the estate home that lied somewhere at the end of town, yes, our town had an actual end, and it was basically marked by the beginning of cars without Bondo holding them together, that's when you knew the beginning of the nicer neighboring town was beginning. But somehow this estate home got on the wrong side of the tracks, but on the right of our lust-filled pubescent hearts as it was home to the truly MILFtastic Ms. Danmeyer, whose daily routine consisted of half-dressing in Olivia Newton John 80's inspired get ups and sweating to the oldies on her patio where we could see her bodacious body from our hidden perch up on the elm tree outside her home. We bought some Twinkies and some warm  3.2 % beer up that elm and just made a day out of it.

I can't help but remember the tantalizing Ms. Danmeyer when peering at Jordan Carver in her 'rich bitch' pictorial, featuring the ridiculously well-endowed Jordan in the role of the bodacious and saucy trophy wife, flashing her body as she sips expensive champagne poolside. I'm quite certain Jordan would've made me fall hard from that elm tree, I mean, fall, hard, from that tree, and hurt myself in ways that would be truly embarrassing to repeat in front of even my doctor. But it's be worth it just the same. Enjoy.

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