Jessica Alba Stretch Pants Pictures Have Us Praying to the Lycra Gods

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How many times must we give our unyielding thanks to the inventor of modern lady's stretch pants? As far as I'm concerned, too much is never enough.

Surely, there is abuse in the system in the form of the larger gals in leggings, and there ought to be some type of public nuisance misdemeanor associated with such offense, but the downside is far outweighed by what creates upside for the ogling gentleman, namely, the likes of uber-sextastic Jessica Alba on a casual visit to her office, to do whatever it is she does in her office, in body and butt molding Lycra Spandex. It's as if science body painted Jessica's derriere for the purposes of public inspection. And inspect we would, with a fine-toothed eyeball, scanning every inch of Jessica's MILFtastic form.

Oh, stretch pants, you give so much and ask for so little. Bless you. And, enjoy.

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