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Jade Foret Hot, Wet, Preggo Bikini Pictures Remind Us Why It's Good to Be Rich

In case you're not up to date on your hot Belgian models, well, Jade Foret is one of them to say the least. The 21-year old is just smoking hot and now apparently with child courtesy of her 52-year old rich media mogul French 'life partner, Arnaud Lagardère, although I'm sure his CEO status and bazillion dollars have nothing to do with said life partnership.

Seeing Jade Foret this week on the beach in Miami, all water nymphy and super bodied hot and literally full of life, I can't help but remember my own dream of becoming a man of means, a man who hot women would speak of thusly, 'Who care if he doesn't change his socks and watches sports all day, he's rich, so I shall bang him thrice daily.' Oh, what a dream that was. Enjoy.

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