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Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures Are Unusually Au Natural

We always get some clamoring from the clamorers about all the enhanced bodies we show here on Egotastic! Well, given that 90% or more of Hollywood have been touched up in some manner or another (or a lot) it's not easing going au natural with the female celebrity form. But, today, we get to peep Chloe Sevigny, the indie thespianic flashing her natural bikini body on the beach in Miami.

We've always appreciated Chloe as one of the few less tinseled celebs in Tinsel Town willing to take off her clothes on screen, repeatedly, to pay the role of a real woman. But, what say you about real women's bodies? Personally, we find it very refreshing, so much so that our doctor has recommended we ogle Chloe to bring down our blood pressure, escalated from a weekend bloated with donuts and porn. Enjoy.

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