Brooklyn Decker Sexes Up GQ With Yet Another Bra and Panties Decker-Spectacular Image

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Having the entire Egotastic! team hosted this week in New York City by various Big Apple dignitaries, public officials, and some supreme hot corner owning pimps has been truly special. And while we are in no way prone to favor any of the five boroughs, we must admit to being a bit partial this morning to Brooklyn thanks to this visual wonderment of Ms. Decker in the May edition of GQ magazine. 

Brooklyn Decker has spent the past dozen years creating some of the top photos we've ever had the privilege to tattoo onto the naughty cells of our grey matter, and her bra and panties vision of sextastic in GQ is just another trophy for the award winning case. That supremely hot body barely contained in her straining undergarments, it's enough to make even the most veteran of oglers a little teary eyed in their leers. Just delicious. Enjoy.

Click here for the full set of Brooklyn Decker 'burning' in GQ magazine

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