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Bobby Petrino's Mistress, Jessica Dorrell put on Paid Leave

Jessica Dorrell, the 25-year-old former Arkansas volleyball player who was having an "inappropriate relationship" with head football coach Bobby Petrino, has been put on paid administrative leave by the university.

Dorrell was working as a fundraiser for the school, before Petrino hired her from a pool of 159 candidates for a spot on his staff. Her salary, according to ESPN, is $55,735.

Dorrell and her fiance

So Dorrell is getting paid to not go to work right now. I'm sure that $55 thousand is pretty good money in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Don't forget, Petrino also gave Jessica a $20,000 gift just before he brought her onto the football staff. 

Dorrell was engaged, and possibly still is, during her affair with Petrino. Her fiance' Josh Morgan is also part of the Arkansas athletic staff, working with the swim team, but his information has been scrubbed from the university website.

I have to give Morgan some respect for sticking around the school, considering his fiance was having "inappropriate relations" with the football coach, a grandfather of two. It takes a guy with some pretty solid self esteem to want to keep working at a place after something like this has happened. The whispers must be deafening.

It hasn't even been reported if Jessica and Josh have actually broken up. You never know, he might be the forgiving type, and be able to look past a seven month affair, filled with hundreds of text messages and phone calls. Plus that 20K Jessica got from Petrino could make for a nice wedding.

You just never know.

Article by Eric Gray

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