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Athletes in the Weed Hall of Fame - Nate Newton

Since it's 4/20 and a lot of people seem to have weed on their minds (many of you literally), let's look at some athletes who belong in the weed hall of fame. 

Nate Newton was a stud offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, playing a major role on the powerful offensive line that helped the 'Boys win three Super Bowls in the 1990s. Nate retired from the NFL after the 1999 season.

In November of 2001, Nate got pulled over in Louisiana while driving a white van. A search of the van turned up a whopping 213 pounds of kind buds. 213 pounds!

But Nate wasn't shaken up by that arrest. Five weeks later, Newton was pulled over, this time in Texas, where it was discovered that he had 175 pounds of weed in his vehicle. 

Newton eventually got sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, and has reportedly gone straight since. That's probably a good thing since he wasn't very good at not getting caught.

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