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Anthony Davis Gives Charlotte Bobcats Reason to Smile (VIDEO)

It goes without saying that the Charlotte Bobcats are just plain bad. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel--and its being held by Anthony Davis.

The man that has made the uni-brow cool in Kentucky is expected to declare for the draft and will likely be taken pretty high. As a freshman this season he has blocked more shots himself than many division I teams as a whole, recorded 20 double-doubles this season, and averages more than 14 points a game

Since Charlotte has the best chance at getting the top pick in the lottery, fans have to be hoping that His Airness (Bobcats owner Michael Jordan) will do the right thing and pick Davis.Can you imagine this guy being paired up with another shot blocking specialist, Bismack Biyombo? Charlotte might actually become good next season...maybe...

In the meantime, Davis was kind enough to give NBA fans everywhere a reason to hope that their team drafts him during Kentucky's 69-61 victory over Louisville Saturday night.

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