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Why Is Nina Agdal Going to Be Huger Than Huge? Just Look at the Lingerie Pictorial Evidence

End of last year we predicted that Nina Agdal would be huger than huge in 2012, a breakout year akin to Kate Upton, and with her superior pictorial in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, she was off to a rocking hot body start. 

Nina Agdal isn't just hot, like Kate Upton for comparison's sake, she's super hot and her body is literally to die for (that does mean I'd kill each and every one of you for the chance to sleep with her, it's not polite, but it's honest). In these superiorly sextastic additions to her latest Bare Necessities lingerie photoshoot we brought you previously you can surely see that the foundations of Nina's future success. And, yes, by foundations, we do mean butt and chest and body and sweet hot looks. Hey, it's the most important building block of all.

Nina Agdal is on the cusp of greatness and it's making us feel all tingly here. Enjoy.

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