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Vanessa Hudgens Gives a Glimpse Upshirt in Tampa

This has-to-be craptastic film Spring Breakers is really proving to be a boondoggle for us in the ogling set these past couple of weeks. The teen com, maybe rom-com likely, starring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson, seems destined to continue to provide eye-conic levels of  leer-worthy on-set views, even if the sum ends up being much less than the total of the parts.

And, speaking of parts on set, if naughty minx Vanessa Hudgens in her blonde wig and tight shorts this weekend hasn't got to you yet, then take a gander at this blessed view captured up Vanessa's shirt on set of the film. Now, apparently, it's not our birthday, as Vanessa was wearing a bikini top of some kind under her shirt, but if this sneak peek doesn't give you the notions to make a little High School Music with Vanessa, then you most definitely need to get your libido engine belts checked. Enjoy.

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