Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson Get Their Thieving On On Set of 'Spring Breakers'

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Talkin about getting your stick up.

While these aren't the hottest photos of the girls of Spring Breakers by a longshot, it's a good chance to see the young ladies in action, well, that might be some stunt doubles doing much of the action action, but still, Ashley Benson waving a gun, and Vanessa Hudgens wielding a hammer like a mini-hot Thor, and both the girls in hoodies and ski masks. It's kind of like a dream I had the other night, except for the gun and hammer parts; no weapons in the boudoir, first rule of Egotastic! bedroom behavior.

Take a peek at the girls holding up a restaurant for some plot point or another and see if you don't find your arms (or such) raised in the air. Enjoy.

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