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Valve's Coming to E3 2012

According to E3's official site. Valve is coming to E3 2012, which can only mean big announcements are bound to appear in the near future.

E3 has listed Valve as an exhibitor for their 2012 expo and the rumours have begun to sweep across the internet as to what Valve may be presenting this year.

Valve was last seen at E3 2010 where gamers hoped to hear some information on a possible sequel to Half-Life 2. Valve, of course, presented Portal 2 instead, which became an instant hit amongst their fans. With Valve being a no-show at last year's E3, gamers are left hoping that 2012 will be the year of the next Half-Life sequel.

What do you think? Will E3 finally reveal another addition to the Half-Life series or will they showcase an entirely different game? E3 2012 will run from June 5-7, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Written By Travis Shuman
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