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Uma Thurman Still Ocean Washing Her Newly En-Rounded Body

We get letters, oh, we get letters, and you preggo fetishists just love to write, mostly in crayon, granted, but we respect each and every single personal kink of each and every one of our readers, not to mention the twenty-seven we've self-identified as obscure sexual preferences related to our own psych chart, so who are we to deny you more swollen bodied Uma Thurman, still working her with-child thang off the coast of St. Barts.

I suppose for Uma herself, this is the brief timeline of opportunity to have a big pair of knockers and a full asstastic, the kind of thing we've never really seen from the thin-framed model and actress over the years. If somebody had to get her pregnant again to create this visual novelty, so be it, we don't have to change the diapers, just ogle and depart. Enjoy.

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