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'The Avengers' Gets A New British Title

Only a few days after the release of its brand new trailer and with just under two months to go until it is finally released into cinemas, Marvel have decided to rename The Avengers for the U.K. It shall be now be known to those island empire wankers as Marvel Avengers Assemble. 

The decision was made so that U.K. audiences don't confuse the adventures of Nicky Fury, Ironman, and The Hulk with those of the 1960s TV series, The Avengers, and its 1998 film adaptation, which starred Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes and was a complete box office flop.

U.S. viewers don't have to be worried though. The studio has decided that The Avengers film of 1998 wasn't popular enough for Americans to remember, and are now gearing up for the comic book Avengers film release on the 4th of May.

And lest you think this is some victory for the Yanks, don't forget the the film will be in theaters in Britain a full week before its U.S. release. Time for another revolution perhaps.

Article by Gregory Wakeman

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