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Tamara Ecclestone and Jessica Wright Battle for Top Cleavage of the Night in London

I happen to know it was a little chilly last night in London. The young British girl I talked to for $1.99/minute on the phone, let's just call her my 'sure thing', told me last night was particularly nippy in the British capital. At least I think she was referring to the weather. The point is, it was cold, but that did not stop some of the Old Country's finest young exhibitionists from strutting their chestal region stuff last night outside fancy restaurants, including Tamara Ecclestone, the brunette half of the F-1 Racing heiress daughters, and Jessica Wright, of our beloved The Only Way Is Essex reality show.

Talk about instant heating units, these two ladies dropped a couple hot spots on the oglers in the area, braving the chill to warm man a man's cockles and spread the love across the Empire. God save their Queens. Enjoy.

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