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Sarah Hyland Drinking and Smoking Like a St. Patty's Day Fiend

Okay, before you freak out, while Sarah Hyland plays a teen on television, she is 21 years of age as of last November. Also, I think you know our own view on the fact that somebody can work double full time, make a bundle, support their family, and still not be able to legally drink a beer is rather ridiculous. On the other hand, the smoking, well, we'd prefer Sarah orally fixate on the living stick. Crude, but less dangerous.

The point being, we have a little thing for little Sarah Hyland, and we want her around for a long time to come looking her finest, not that she doesn't deserve her fun at the wrap party for Modern Family where she was indulging in some vices, but nothing St. Patrick himself wouldn't have been doing right along side her. Enjoy.

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