Renee Olstead Is Fairest of Them All At 'Mirror Mirror' Premiere

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the hottest ginger crush of all?

Well, it used to be our redhead fireplug Renee Olstead, before she went off and got the red right out of her hair. Still, Renee looked all kinds of wicked hot last night at the premiere of Mirror Mirror, the softer-gentler one of the two Snow White movies out this season. Okay, so maybe the blonde hair does work well with the Snow White theme, but before we can return to referring to Renee as our perfect ten (as in, come over at ten, we'll have the bubbly chilling), we must see her drapes match the (red) carpet.

I can barely begin to count the number of sextastic blondes in Tinsel Town, but ginger hotties, that I can do on one well-worn hand. Enjoy.

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