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Paris Hilton Gets Her Bikini Working as Her DJ Boyfriend Plays Football and Mixes Music or Some Such Nonsense

Here are three things you will never convince me of, ever:

  1. Billionaire Barbie is in love.
  2. DJ's are musical artists
  3. Musicians can play football

Not buying any of it, but it all came together yesterday in Miami when Billionaire Barbie donned the bikini top for her new sort of flame make-out boyfriend, Afrojack, the DJ, during a game of football between DJ's, all of whom seem to come from Holland, for whatever reason, and I suppose have dexterous fingers, though you don't really see many NFL players coming out of the DJ camps.

I still don't exactly know what DJ's do, other than push buttons, which, for the record, most of us do throughout the day, but I guess most of us don't do it with our hands waving in the air shouting 'Yeah, part-ee up!' so that's some type of difference there. I guess Afrojack does it really well or something, and, thus, he wins first prize, which apparently is HSV the lower. Enjoy.

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